API Documentation


IssuedInvoices for given organisation.

Method name Description
AddIssuedInvoice Adds a new issued invoice.
CustomActionIssuedInvoice Performs a custom action on issued invoice.

Available actionName values:
  • issue
  • issueCancellation
  • generatepdf
  • copytocreditnote
  • issueAndGeneratepdf

Optional parameters:
  • issueCancellationReason: May be optionally used with the issueCancellation action.
DeleteIssuedInvoice Deletes issued invoice.
GetIssuedInvoice Returns an issued invoice.
GetIssuedInvoicePaymentMethods Returns all payment methods for given organisation.
GetIssuedInvoices Returns all issued invoices for given organization.
GetIssuedInvoicesSyncCandidates Returns issued invoices for sync.
UpdateIssuedInvoice Updates issued invoice.