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Minimax API Terms of use

Thank you for using miniMAX application programming interfaces ("miniMAX API"). By using miniMAX API, you agree to the terms below. If you disagree with any of these terms, Seyfor d.o.o. does not grant you a license to use miniMAX API. The data in miniMAX are owned by miniMAX buyers, business entities, who have accepted miniMAX terms of use. Seyfor d.o.o. reserve the right to update and change these terms from time to time without notice.

Your license to the miniMAX API under these terms continues until it is terminated by either party. You may terminate the license by discontinuing use of miniMAX API. Seyfor may terminate the license at any time for any reason. Your rights to use miniMAX API terminate automatically if (i) you violate any of these terms, (ii) Seyfor publicly posts a written notice of termination on Seyfor.si/hr/rs, (iii) Seyfor sends a written notice of termination to you, or (iv) Seyfor disables your access to miniMAX API.

1. Basic purpose

Purpose of »miniMAX API« is to enable »API applications« access and exchange of data with miniMAX web accounting and to accrue its usability for miniMAX users.

2. Registration

Each API application needs a valid ID code and application password to be able to access to miniMAX. Both are gained in registration process and are used only for application, for which they were gained. They must not be used elsewhere.

In registration process also application rights for accessing the data in miniMAX are defined. End user can perform through API application only those activities, that are enabled in his rights in the sistem and also assigned to choosen »API application«.

In case of violation Seyfor d.o.o. reserve the right to disable the access to miniMAX to particular API application at any time.

Each »API application« must have its own terms of use, that contains contact information about application provider and information about support. Those terms of use must be accepted from end user before the first use of miniMAX API.

3. Unauthorized use of API


miniMAX API is used to access and exchange data with miniMAX. All other uses are prohibited.


By using miniMAX API it is explicitly prohibited:
(1) Disable or inhibit other users by using miniMAX;
(2) Use miniMAX APIs in any manner or for any purpose that violates any law or regulation, or any rights of any person, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, rights of privacy, or rights of personality;
(3) Publish adds, requests, chain letters, pyramid plan, investment opportunities or any other kind of adds;
(4) Transfer contents from miniMAX, protected by intellectual property rights, to other parties, or enable access to these contents in any other way, unless transfer is agreed or allowed by Seyfor;
(5) Use materials or information, including pictures or photos, that are available in miniMAX, in a way that violates copyrights, trade marks, patents, or other Seyfor rights, user rights, buyers rights or rights of third parties;
(6) Transfer to miniMAX files and contents, that includes viruses, trojan horses, bugs, time bombs, damaged files or other similar software or data, that could harm miniMAX, infrastructure on which miniMAX is running or users equipment;
(7) Deliberately or undeliberately in any way harm miniMAX, for example: attacks to servers and other acts, which concequences could be worse, wrong or limited operation or non-functioning of miniMAX;
(8) Collect information about buyers, organizations and/or users from miniMAX;
(9) Create or use false identity for purposes misleading others, especially Seyfor and user support;
(10) Use, transfer or copy and offer (free of charge or against payment) lists or directories or other data about buyers, organizations and/or users to other parties.
(11) Without written permision of Seyfor collect and use information about used technology, used conceptions, approaches or other contents in miniMAX, that could be used in other commercial or non commercial services or products.

4. Support and modification

Seyfor d.o.o. does not offer the support for »API applications« It should be offered by application providers.

While we may provide you with support or modifications for miniMAX API, we are not obligated to do so and have no obligation to fix or respond to errors you may encounter.

In our discretion and without liability to you, we may add, remove or modify any features of the miniMAX API; impose additional eligibility requirements or restrictions for access to miniMAX API; or discontinue miniMAX API. If we modify miniMAX API, we may require you to use the modified version, which may not be compatible with your applications developed using previous versions. We typically make these changes as part of our overall miniMAX API program and may not be able to provide you with individual notice of the changes.

5. Production, staging and testing environment

For developing and testing purposes of API application, only miniMAX DEMO environment should be used. When the application passes the test positively, it can be connected to production miniMAX API.

Functionality of miniMAX API can differentiate between different localizations (Slovenija, Serbia, Croatia), so each localization should be tested separately.

6. Branding

miniMAX is protected trade mark by Seyfor d.o.o. It is prohibited the use of word »miniMAX« in the name of API application, except in combination »for miniMAX«. Example of authorized use: »XY CRM for miniMAX«.

7. Number of calls limitation

API application should perform calls in a way that does not overload the system.

In case of overloading the miniMAX, Seyfor d.o.o. reserve the right to introduce additional limitations and also block the access of individual application to miniMAX.

8. Fees and payments

The use of miniMAX API is charged to miniMAX buyers regarding to number of transactions between application and miniMAX.

9. Limitation of liabilities

Seyfor will not, under any circumstances, be liable to you for any indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages arising out of or in connection with use of the miniMAX APIs, whether based on breach of contract, breach of warranty, tort (including negligence, product liability or otherwise), or any other pecuniary loss, whether or not Seyfor has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Under no circumstances will Seyfor be liable to you for any amount.

With accepting these terms you renounce all claims and inforce damages in connection with use of the miniMAX API against Seyfor d.o.o., its daughter companies and their employees.

You acknowledge and agree that this Section 9 reflects a reasonable allocation of risk and that Seyfor would not enter into these Terms without these liability limitations. This Section 9 will survive notwithstanding any limited remedy’s failure of essential purpose.

10. General terms


Location of Lawsuit and Choice of Law. The API Terms of Use and the relationship between you and Seyfor d.o.o. shall be governed by:

a) If your principal place of business is in Slovenia: Slovenian law applies to any claims arising out of or related to these Terms and we both agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court in Nova Gorica for resolution of all such claims.

b) If your principal place of business is in Serbia: Serbian law applies to any claims arising out of or related to these Terms and we both agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court in Novi Sad for resolution of all such claims.

c) If your principal place of business is in Croatia: Croatian law applies to any claims arising out of or related to these Terms and we both agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court in Zagreb for resolution of all such claims.


These terms of use are valid from 21.6.2015.